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Christmas, considered by many to be the most magical time of the year, is approaching. It is a holiday that is mostly spent with family and friends, which gives us a feeling of warmth and happiness. Christmas decorations (Christmas tree, nativity scene, wreaths, candles, etc.) play a very important role in creating a festive atmosphere in the home. Cvetka Rednak has always been very aware of this, and every year she spends Christmas with her family. Together they put up the Christmas tree, Christmas lights and the rest of the decorations. Cvetka pays particular attention to the nativity scene, which has a special charm for her. Cvetka has always enjoyed putting up nativity scenes because they are the essence of Christmas and are our tradition. As the supply of quality figurines and accessories for the crib was getting scarcer and scarcer in the shops, she decided to start making them herself. She puts a lot of effort, love and time into the cribs she makes, and the result is a beautiful, natural-looking crib. Each of her nativity scenes is unique, as is each tree from which it is made. The basic material for the crib is scrap wood (from carpentry work), with other natural materials such as stone, clay and more. She finds these materials around her home, in the woods, at the seaside and collects them all year round. The use of these natural “waste” materials reflects sustainability and responsibility towards nature. It takes a lot of manual dexterity and creativity to make such a nativity scene. Like every artist, Cvetka has her own muse from which she draws inspiration. They are her sons, who encourage her in her work. One of her sons, Grega Rednak, has set up an online shop where we can buy nativity scenes for anyone who wants to brighten up their home at Christmas with a special Christmas nativity scene.

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