Unique handmade nativity scenes

Hand made nativity scenes, Christmas decorations, wreaths and other gifts for Christmas.

Nativity scenes

Handmade nativity scenes are unique, and there are no two alike! Attention to detail makes them truly one-of-a-kind.

Christmas decorations

Want something different for your decorations? Decorations for the Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations for magical holidays.

Christmas presents

Gifts where there is something for everyone.

Advent wreaths

Advent wreaths of all shapes for every taste!

Nativity scenes

Welcome to the wonderful world of nativity scenes! Here, you will find a unique collection of handmade nativity scenes that bring an authentic Christmas atmosphere into your home. Each nativity scene is carefully designed with a love for details that bring to life the tradition of Christmas holidays. Our collection includes various styles and sizes, so you can find the perfect nativity scene accessories that match your taste and style. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique and warm ambiance created by our wooden nativity scenes. Discover the magic of the Christmas story and create unforgettable moments in your home. Create your own fairy-tale Christmas scene.

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