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Nativity figurines – Wooden figurines for an authentic Christmas atmosphere. Create a magical scene in your home.

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Figures for the Nativity – Create Your Own Christmas World

This “Figures for the Nativity” set allows you to bring the Christmas spirit into your home in a very authentic way. Each element of this beautiful set is meticulously crafted with the tradition and warmth of the festive season in mind.

What the Kit Includes:

  1. Mary and Joseph: These beautiful wooden figures represent the parents of Jesus. You will be moved by their simple and expressive image.
  2. Jesus: the little Jesus in the manger is the heart of this story. Its presence symbolises hope and love.
  3. Donkey: A cute wooden donkey is part of this set. It brings even more warmth and authenticity to your crib scene.
  4. Fence: the wooden fence around the crib complements the whole scene and adds authenticity.
  5. Christmas trees: the set includes four wooden Christmas trees, which bring a festive atmosphere and add depth to the room.
  6. The star Tails: to complete the set, there is the star Tails, which shines over the holy family and brings you good luck.

Each figure is made from natural wood, preserving natural textures and patterns, giving it warmth and authenticity.

Create a Magical Christmas Scene: Place these figurines on a shelf, windowsill or any other similar surface to create an eye-catching scene that brings the spirit of Christmas to life. They can be placed together or spread out around the room, allowing you to create exactly the crib scene you want.

Express a Deep Respect for Tradition: the Nativity figurines in this set are ready to set up and create a magical Christmas atmosphere. Add them to your Christmas decorations and let them help you express your deep respect for this wonderful tradition.

Create your own Christmas world with this beautiful “Figures for the Nativity” set and bring the festive spirit to life in your home.

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