Wooden nativity scene set


Wooden Nativity Set – Bring the Christmas story into your home with this unique decoration and enchant family and friends.

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Christmas is the time when the world turns into a fairyland. And what better way to complete this fairytale atmosphere than with a wooden nativity set? You can use this beautiful decoration to bring the Christmas story to life in your home in a very authentic and unique way.

Unique traditional decoration

The wooden nativity scene is a symbol of the authenticity and depth of the Christmas message. Our wooden nativity set is extra special because it contains everything you need to create a true Christmas miracle. Each figurine is specially designed and hand-painted to preserve its traditional look and expressiveness.

Bring the Christmas story to life again

With the wooden nativity set, you can relive the story of the birth of Jesus. Mary, Joseph, the newborn Jesus, the sweet little lambs, the little spruce tree and the star tail – all figurines that will help you create an authentic and magical Christmas scene.

Natural materials for authenticity

The use of natural materials is a key feature of this wooden crib set. The specially selected wood wallpaper retains its natural texture, including knots, curves and unique details. This natural look emphasises the authenticity and depth of your Christmas scene.

Offer a personal touch

Add a personal touch to your Christmas scene with the Wooden Nativity Set. The figurines are separate, allowing you to arrange them as you wish and create a unique composition.

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Wooden nativity scene set