Kozolec – a symbol of traditional Slovenia

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A goat in a nativity scene – Slovenian tradition and natural beauty combined in your Christmas nativity scene for a magical and traditional Christmas.

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The trestle is an iconic Slovenian structure, which carries a deep-rooted tradition and natural beauty. as a figure for the nativity scene, the trestle becomes a symbol of preserving our rich heritage, which we are proud to share with the world.

This exceptionally designed goat in a crib is handmade with the utmost attention to detail. Every element, from the wooden beams to the roof, is precisely shaped to preserve the characteristics of a real trestle. The wooden details are made of natural materials, which emphasise the authenticity and warmth of this traditional Slovenian structure.

Placed in your crib, it carries a special meaning. It represents a culture that draws on nature and symbolises respect for tradition. It is a figure that transmits the stories of generations and connects the past with the present.

The goat in the nativity scene not only complements your Christmas scene, but also reminds you of the rich heritage we have the honour to protect. This figure brings authenticity and depth to your crib, while highlighting Slovenia’s unique cultural heritage. Complete your Christmas nativity scene with this special figurine and create a scene that will delight all visitors to your home.


plywood, minimalist, with round slats

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Kozolec – a symbol of traditional Slovenia
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