Pebbles are a natural addition to the crib with a unique touch of nature. Bring your crib to life and add a touch of authenticity and warmth to your home.

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Shavings a natural addition to the crib

The contents of your nativity scene are the heart of your Christmas decoration, but it’s the details that bring authenticity and uniqueness. Nativity scenes are the perfect natural addition to make your nativity scene stand out and evoke the magical atmosphere of Christmas.

Each shavings is a tiny piece of wood left over from the planing process. These are natural treasures that bring a natural look and authenticity to your crib. Each piece of wood is unique, carries its own story and adds character to your Christmas scene.

You can use the shavings to create a real woodland setting for your crib, or place them around the crib scene to create a natural look. Add them under spruce trees, around fences or anywhere else you want a touch of nature.

Let your imagination run wild and create a magical Christmas scene with the help of wafers. These natural decorations bring warmth, uniqueness and authenticity to your nativity scene and complement the whole Christmas space.

Nativity scenes are the right choice for those who appreciate nature, tradition and want to enrich their nativity scene with unique details that radiate the warmth and authenticity of the Christmas season. Add a touch of nature and authenticity to your crib with this beautiful natural accessory.

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